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  1. 这是一个游戏原型,仅仅实现了游戏中最基本的机制,展示基本概念。有许多地方有待完善和发展。
  2. 操作说明:方向键控制移动,向上键为跳。上下键可用来爬梯子。(在梯子中跳跃保持按住左右任意方向键按上键)
  3. 玩家上下移动时整个场景的时间会向未来或过去流逝或倒退,向上为流逝,向下为倒退。活用这一点来解谜。
  4. 游戏有4个关卡和一个结局关卡。其中第四个关卡没有谜题。游戏原型只有两个核心谜题。
  5. 设计中重要的日记机制未能来得及实现。

The Prototype of

Time Tower

  1. This is a brief prototype of a game, which has only implemented the basics of the mechanics and rules. So much further development is required.
  2. Control: Arrow keys to move, jump and climb ladders. (You can jump off a ladder by press UP when holding LEFT or RIGHT)
  3. The time is fast-forwarded or rewinded when the player gets up or down. It is the key mechanics for puzzles.
  4. There are four levels and one ending scene. The fourth level doesn't have any puzzles. Only two main puzzles are made in this prototype.
  5. An important mechanics which is about diaries is not implemented because of the limited time.
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