A puzzle platformer about dreams. The game uses mechanics as metaphor for the narrative.

In the game, the boy tries to escape from a dark place using the ability - dreaming. The game uses environment storytelling to tell a gloomy and vague story.

Featured in October 2013 on Newgrounds.


ActionScript3, Flixel, FL Studio, Photoshop


Solo. (Everything in the game is original)

Design Statement

This project was about designing new rules on top of a platformer, and integrating story with the mechanics as a whole. I came up with the theme of the game first, and thought about mechanics fitting in the theme. It is not only rules in the game, but also the rules in the story, like philosophy.

With the mechanics, then I designed the overall narrative arc of the game, to produce the feeling of mysterious and an emotional impact on the player. In the ending of the game, I made a twist.

Escaping, the prison and dreams. This is Reverie.

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