A local multiplayer brawler with lots of local slow motions. 4 players go for one sword and kill each other.


Co-designer and lead programmer.

With Winnie Song and Pierre Depaz.


Unity3D, C#

Design Statement

This is the first local multiplayer game I have made. The core of Ulfbert is the sword. It is deadly powerful but also hard to use. We wanted players to play as if they were the real hero who can destroy the world, so we gave players truly powerful weapon. At the same time, we tried to make the play meaningful.

Slow motion is also an interesting part of the game. It is not only a visual effect but also something involved with the game play. When the player performs a powerful attack, there is a slow motion to emphasize the power. The slow motion is local so it actually act negatively on the central player since he is slowed down the most. We used the slow motion to balance the power of the sword.